“On Oia” ~ (print #102) of Santorini

The Original Oil Painting is sold ~ Prints are available here. Fine Art Prints made by the Artist Mary Grden, on Canvas and Watercolor Paper.  I pay U.S. shipping on Original Oil Paintings and the Prints. 


I have my favorites and this may be one. “On Oia” speaks to me in a quiet way with peaceful and serene thoughts.  Oia is a small area at the end of Santorini island known the world over for its sunsets.  I am sure it has something to do with the position it holds in the Aegean Sea and on the earth, and most importantly because God created this wonderful Island.  Visiting Santorini requires some viewing of the cliff dwellings and to accomplish this you need to have good walking shoes.  I am a self-taught fine art oil painter but I think all of us have gifts, just different ones.    I love and like painting because paintings and prints can be viewed for as long as you want, wherever you want and when I am in heaven someone here can still enjoy.

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I have designed a way to print Canvas prints leaving them flat ~ mounting on a backing board (acid free) for insertion into Standard Size Frames that are very affordable for decor. It is the same process I use for my Paper Prints with one difference ~

For Paper Prints leave the GLASS IN. 

For Canvas Prints take the GLASS OUT PERMANENTLY 

SO…… DON’T THROW YOUR OLDER FRAMES AWAY JUST YET….Repurposing your frames and finding innovative ways to make them look new is fun.  If you haven’t used it because the glass was broken, order a Canvas Print, you don’t need the glass. You can send me your frame size (the inside open area, not the outside) and the name and number of the print you are interested in and I will make it.

On the “contact form” below “you can tell me how you would like me to personalize the Certificate of Authenticity for special occasions or people, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, etc. If you are International? Please contact me before purchase, regarding shipping.

PAPER PRINT – ”On Oia (eeah), Santorini“ print #102- size 12×16. Printed on Epson Archival Watercolor Paper-(average lifespan is 100 years)-Open Series-Artist Made, Printed on Epson Archival Watercolor Paper.

One Paper Print – Mounted on acid-free backing board ready to insert into your standard-size frame leaving the glass in to cover your print. Printed on Epson Archival Paper, (average lifespan is 100 years) if framed under glass and displayed out of direct sunlight-Open Series; Certificate of Authenticity-U.S. shipping paid by Artist. All prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist


CANVAS PRINT – ”On Oia” (said ‘eeah’, Santorini) #102- size “12×16“ with an option for other sizes. Printed on Epson Archival Canvas, (average lifespan is 100 years)-Open Series, with Certificate of Authenticity-U.S. shipping paid by Artist and International Options.

One CANVAS Print – Mounted flat on acid-free mat board ready to insert into your standard-size frame. Take the glass permanently out of your standard size frame-glass never covers Canvas art. On the “contact form” below use “checkboxes” to confirm or change Paper size as listed; option to personalize Certificate of Authenticity, or questions; To protect the print it has been sprayed with a clear, acid-free spray. To dust, use a soft, dry, paint brush.


ONE-LIMITED-EDITION CANVAS PRINT (#1/100)~ ”On Oia”, (said ‘eeah’, Santorini) – Print #102~ Artist made ~ ”12 x16 ” All of these series are New Editions!

ONE-LIMITED EDITION CANVAS PRINT #1/100– Flat mounted on acid-free backing board ready to insert into your standard-size frame removing the glass permanently from the frame. Glass cannot cover your print. Over time glass will adhere to the canvas and may damage your print. To protect the print it has been sprayed with a clear, acid-free spray. To dust, use a soft, dry, paint brush. Do not clean with water or other solvent.


The Contact Form is all-purpose and one that I hope you use with your purchases for a second look and options that add to your Fine Art gifts to you and to others.   



“FOLLOW ME” to see all as they are listed (about 75) different prints I make entirely from my Original Oil Paintings. You can ask me if and what I have like Santorini, Mykonos, Boats, Doors, Windows, Crosses, Churches, etc.  I can always email thumbnails to you and/or make a grouping just for you.  I will also be blogging special print packages of smaller prints and those you would see in a collage.  They will include both Watercolor Paper, Canvas in groups according to category.  Look for my Vignettes (parts of the “larger picture” so to speak), like doors, or windows, church crosses, etc., all parts of my Original Oil Paintings.

Need Larger of what you see here, contact me with a size.

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