~Framing Flat Canvas like a Photo ~ The “Rabbit and the Rabbet”~


We all know which one is the “Rabbit.”  What you may not know is which one is the  “Rabbet.” The wood that the Rabbit is sitting on is what is cut or routed out of the back of an Art frame.  Its the ledge that the glass in a picture frame sits or rests on, like this rabbit is doing.  You don’t see it from the front of your frame, but it is necessary to hold the glass in for paper prints.

Ahhh, the big difference between paper and canvas prints and my new way you can frame my FLAT Canvas prints affordably by taking THE GLASS out.  The “Rabbet” holds the canvas print in the frame along with the mat board it is mounted to.  Imagine, for a moment, buying ready-made (standard sized frames) often on sale and being able to take your print with you to match your desired colors and go home with your new frame the same day.

I paint the Original Oil Painting; render the raw images found on my digital library;  print the exact and full size of print to match the full size (inside opening) of the frame.  I am listing beginning in September, 2018 nearly 75 single prints and compiling groups of images into Packages some with a savings of over 20% if bought individually.  I hope to have the three package prints up and ready for you to choose site-wide, by print name and # in categories on the menu.

The simple but elegant way to display FLAT Canvas in a Standard-Size Frame is this:

1.  It is the same as putting a paper print or photograph into a frame you purchase ready made on the shelf; on sale most of the time in craft, home decor and other venues you see everyday.

2.  Take the glass completely and permanently out of the frame and put my FLAT Canvas print in mounted on acid-free mat board which takes up the space where the glass once was.

3.  I also sell Fine Art Epson Watercolor Paper prints.

4.  I format three large sizes for most of my print listings.  Many  answers can be found on the Menu un “Answers” where I answer many other questions.  If you have ever priced Canvas printed and stretched over a 2″ deep wood frame, then you will see the value in this easy, smart and very affordable way to own Fine Art.  OH!! All of my Prints come with Certificates of Authenticity.  All my prints are packaged like gifts with the option on every print page to “Personalize” (I do the typing myself) your  Certificates.  It may be for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, memorable event, just a name, names, a short poem, or a Bible verse.


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