Framing a flat canvas print in a standard-size frame click the pic TINY RABBIT


I make many different sized prints from my paintings, but some are not allowed to be made into “standard size frames”, those will be listed and you will either have an odd sized frame I can fit it into (contact me and read further in the next sectionA custom frame will be needed to be made by a framer.  If you have older frames but still love them, or didn’t have the right art to insert, its a great idea to repaint old frames and re-purpose them. Better, like so many of us we tend to keep older frames we just can’t give up because the glass is broken.  BUY CANVAS PRINTS and you don’t need the glass.  Or if the glass is in tact, you can use the glass for another project. or if the glass is broken buy a canvas print and you don’t need glass to cover it.  CONTACT ME with your favorite frame size and I will let you know if the proportions will work.  In many cases my subjects will adjust with no noticeable distortion. I do not crop my images, nor do I charge extra for size adjustments.


All sizes are in “inches” for individual prints that fit the entire opening of a frame.  This Image can be made in these sizes in inches: (Sizes) I make will be listed here on each page of prints.

The following will only show if the Print proportions allow a MAT.  I make prints 3.75×4.75 and add a MAT to fit a frame size of 5×7 I also make prints 7.75×9.75 and add a MAT to fit a frame size of 11×14. Currently these sizes are not listed, but I will soon.

This Print can be made for frames in other sizes up to 12”x18”. If you have a favorite frame that you would like to re-purpose, just measure the opening or the glass size of the frame. Measure from the ledge where the glass rested from side to side.

If you are looking at a “vertical” print or what printers call a “portrait view”and wonder if the size of a “standard size frame” changes for a “horizontal”print, referred to as “landscape view”, IT DOES NOT.  All you have to do is find the size of the print in the same size as the frame and then turn the frame 90 degrees and a vertical becomes a horizontal frame and vice-versa. Remember the size of the frame and print is the measurement of the opening (center).

All prints, except for the matted prints are printed to fully fit the inside opening of the frame.  Some prints may be shown with a feathered-white border and will be printed the same, unless requested.

ALL OTHER PRINTS SUCH AS VIGNETTES WILL BE EXPLAINED ON THOSE PAGES. VIGNETTES ARE TO COME ~ “interesting parts of a painting that when enlarged are prints in and of themselves or together with other vignettes make wonderful groupings.  All vignettes are made by Mary as well.


This Framing and Shipping Information is for prints the Artist makes from her studio. None of my prints are shipped framed.  Sending just the print (mounted flat) keeps my costs down and yours.  You are on BaywoodGallery.com a “Fine Art site by Mary Grden and Guest Artists.  I HAVE ONE DIFFERENCE IN FRAMING CANVAS OR PAPER PRINTS — Just one thing…..The  GLASS

You can purchase a frame with glass and take it out permanently if you buy a Canvas Print. Leave the glass in if it is a Paper Print. You can repurpose the glass or replace glass that is broken in another frame. In any case please do safely as the glass can be sharp. Both Canvas and Paper prints come mounted flat on acid free mat board and ready for shopping for the perfect frame. Take them along for the ride in their crystal clear bag for the “try on.”

Canvas Prints are sealed with a clear mat finish to prevent scratches or dust. Canvas allows the texture of the canvas to be seen and the depth of the colors to be brilliant and protected for years to come.  Clean your Canvas prints by dusting with a small soft brust. Both Paper and Canvas Prints should not be hung or displayed in bright sunlight or heat for extended periods of time.

As the Artist, I print my prints on Archival Canvas and Watercolor Paper Prints both with a lifespan 100 + years. Canvas and Paper prints can be framed with a standard size frame you can easily find in craft and home interior stores or through a professional framer if you desire.

Currently I print 11×17, 12 x 16 or 12×18, sizes; smaller and odd sized prints (non-standard sizes) too .   I print with my Epson Archival printer. All prints sold on this site are rendered and prepared for print by the Artist, alone.  Your Print will be printed and lightly mounted on acid free mat board and packaged with acid-free packing materials. A Certificate of Authenticity will be signed by the Artist and included with all Prints when mailed. Numbered or Limited-Edition Series Certificates will denote the number of the print sold and the number of 100 as the total in that series. The Series will denote the size – on Canvas – total of 100 prints.  Mary Grden, Fine Art Oil Painter and Print Maker, Copyright Protected.

It’s not too early to order for Christmas gifts.  Over 75 prints of my Oil Paintings will be listed here in the next few months including my Christian inspired prints.  I developed this less expensive method of framing to keep the cost down on owning and displaying fine art.  I recognized the interest people had in selecting their own affordable frames and not having to accept a frame that came with the print at an extra cost. If you want to give them as gifts without the frame, they come with instructions for framing their “Fine Art.”


SHIPPING (domestic) is not added on for both Original Paintings and Prints I make.  I ship multiples you can order in packages of 3 prints and listing them will be soon.  However, if you see some thing you either want three of or include it in a package of three prints you select site wide, email me.  The cost is 3 ON WATERCOLOR PAPER $98 AND CANVAS $127.  BOTH prices are at a 20% savings over buying them individually. Each Print Package will be sent to one address only, part of the savings in buying 3 is in the shipping.  Individual Prints can be mailed to any U.S. destination paid by the Artist. Please contact me on the form below if you are considering ordering multiple prints.  Each print is mounted on acid free mat board and shipped flat and comes complete with a Certificate, my signature and number of ?/100 (if a Limited Edition) (the number will change when each is sold).  I try to ship within 1-3 days by (USPS Priority).

SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL is possible with a domestic shipping credit from me. If you are International, please contact me on the form that appears at the bottom of every page. Insert your complete postal information  and the number of prints you are going to purchase (for weight) so that I can quote you and credit and hopefully arrive at a cost for shipping.  I use U.S. Postal, International or if you are prepaying give me your carrier information. I will change the listing for you where you can complete your purchase with the shipping credit from me deducted and your international rate added.

“PLEASE CONSIDER FOLLOWING ME” to see my work as it is posted.  The “follow button” is on the lower part of all pages.


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