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John’s newest children’s book, “Kathie’s Dollhouse” was written, and illustrated by John Grden.  This book is available in both e-book Kindle books and Paperback on ~ the cover and link to purchase the Paperback book with glossy cover are below.  The Author will gladly send you a signed Certificate of Authenticity for your book after you purchase.  Just fill in the “contact” form at the bottom of this page, no postage necessary.  A little about the book follows:

When Kathie was three her birthday gift was a dollhouse. Its a story of “letting go” and the start of “growing up.” Help from her dad and two little mice bring surprises to the story and a small mystery is at hand, suitable for anyone to read. The mice are very smart, kind and understanding. The story is age appropriate for children 3 to 13 years old (younger or older), spanning whatever time-line your child or you find appropriate. It has an understandable “twist” at the end that lets the story all come together for a very “happy ending.” The author created the story and the illustrations making his story of Kathie’s Dollhouse realistic to the reader. Detailed illustrations relate to the storyline and allow a non-reader to follow along as the written words are spoken

To Purchase the Book, use this Link

press release book smaller    is John’s site for completely handmade Wonky designed Steampunk Pens and other Designs.  Below are just a small sampling of his pens.  John invites you to his  to see more of these pens and hopefully purchase one.


The first four images above are of one pen, designed, by John; soldered with brass and copper inspirations and steampunk design, Steampunk Fountain Pen.


Above is “Space Ship” with Victorian Machine Age (Steampunk) design; Rollerball

Below is “Slim Line Fountain Pen”


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