FRUSTRATED with Saatchi Online

It’s because Saatchi is setup for 2-D Artists, not photographs

Behind the Lens

Not long ago, I wrote to Saatchi Online asking why my perfectly good photo files were not accepted for any Prints for Sale, by their uploading software.

They responded very quickly and I was happy with that.  They explained that photo files must be of certain aspect ratios – one of them was 1:1 – a Square. I believe that photo files must be a minimum of 1500 x 1500 also.  All photos I upload are considerably larger than 1500 x 1500 at 300ppi.  In other words, I make sure that all my files meet and surpass requirements.

Therefore, to make my life easier, I decided to crop some image files to 1:1 so I can upload “acceptable” files to their sales website:  To my Sales Gallery.

Guess what?  Now they have some ridiculous line in their uploading form for DIMENSIONS:  H, W, and D(epth).  Like, OK, get real Saatchi. …

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