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Announcing– You are on my virtual site named after my brick and mortar gallery that I owned and lived above 20-years ago, called Baywood Gallery in Baywood Park, California. You have either come here by typing  BaywoodGallery.com or name MaryGrden.com into your search to arrive hear.  Here you can view my Originals and Prints.  What has changed is that I am linking each work of art to a page on my Etsy site for purchasing worldwide.  The views here on my site are much larger so you can see more detail, etc.  Please view as much as you can and often then go to my Etsy to purchase, just look for the “purchase link-Etsy” to land on the page or image you found here.  Just starting today, October 28, 2019, so if you see it here and no link, I am working on them.  Contact me and I will do yours right away.

            “In the Morning Mist”


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